Welcome to ETEX

Andreas TheocharousAfter 40 years of honest, hard work, ETEX has grown to be the largest and most dependable stockist -wholesale distributor of automotive aftermarket spare parts in Cyprus, as well as a predominant retailer with our own distribution outlets.


Our mission is to provide automotive spare parts of the latest technology that meet the highest standards of quality and value, while always monitoring and improving customer service, in support of our company's primary goal of attaining the highest level of customer and end-user satisfaction.


Our reputation and market position is supported by our well trained sales and technical services staff, with their high product knowledge and product application awareness, as well as our prompt delivery and distribution system.


The strong and long standing relationships with prominent auto parts manufactures and suppliers from all over the world secure for us a most reliable supply of quality products. In support of achieving business excellence, ETEX will continuously explore new growth areas to meet the ever-changing customer needs, while staying current with industry technological advances and maintaining a work environment for our employees that encourages personal commitment and participation.


With Cyprus now being part of the European Union and consequently of an integral 25 country market new opportunities are arising. We aim to achieve continuous growth, financial success and employee satisfaction while maintaining an ethical commitment to our customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community.


At ETEX we firmly believe that profits are a natural by-products of hard work and good business ethics.


Chairman of the Board,
Chief Executive Officer